A List of Country Codes


A country code is a short geographical code that represents a country, dependent territory, or region. These codes are used in communications and data processing, but there are several different systems of country codes. Here is a list of country codes. You can also search online for country codes and their meanings. Listed below are a few examples. These codes will help you determine which country is corresponding to which area. When looking up a country code, always remember that a country's code does not necessarily mean that it is the same as the name of the country.
When searching for a country code, look for the official ISO 3166-1 abbreviation of that country. This code is used to identify country names on custom forms, but there are also some country codes that have been dropped. To learn more about Country 2 DIGIT ISO, click here now. In addition to the country code, you will also find the internet domains of various organizations. You can also browse a list of country names on the Library of Congress website. Once you've found the country code that you're looking for, make sure to check the country's web site to see how it's spelled.
European country codes are used for large statistics. The ISO creates these codes so that countries with the same name are recognizable. European country codes are also useful for geographic information systems. They are used in mapping and other applications. You can also find a list of country codes for countries in other continents, including Africa and Asia. There's also a list of unused country codes. For more information, visit the official ISO website.
A list of Country codes includes ISO 3166 country codes, official short names used for statistical purposes, and corresponding ISO and UNSD 3-digit alphabetic or numeric equivalents. The ISO 3166 country code table is the most common list, used by many organizations. Listed below are the countries in the list. This table will help you find the country code you need to make a phone call to that location. These codes are also used in the ANSI country code table.
TIC provides monthly, quarterly, and historical data series. Among these data series are lists of country 5-digit codes and names. The country names listed are included in one or more data series on banking liabilities and claims. The list is available on the TIC website under the Part A and Part B sections. If you want to see the list for all countries, visit the webpage. These data files are useful for financial and business analysts. When you're using TIC data, make sure to use these lists.
In addition to calling services, you'll also need to know about the country codes that will be displayed on your phone. GS1 barcodes have an 890 prefix, meaning the organisation is from India. The prefix 890 means that the GS1 system is owned by an Indian organization. This code is used by all of the leading global telecommunications companies. The country codes are important when communicating and processing data, and this information is easy to find online. To view more info about this topic, browse this resource now: https://www.dictionary.com/browse/country-code
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